Service as a Spiritual Discipline

( Photo by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash)

This year at our diocesan ladies retreat we took a look at spiritual disciplines. In the weeks and months to come, we will be sharing devotionals on our new blog about a variety of spiritual disciplines written by ladies in our Diocese. Here is the first devotional written by Jacque Chrisman from Trinity Anglican, Lago Vista, Texas.

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many. (Mark 10:45)

For two days I sat in front of our television watching the funerals of a former President. It did not go unnoticed that what was important in this man’s life was God, family, and service. Not just service to our country but service to mankind. As God would have it, all of this took place the day after I accepted the privilege of preparing a devotion on the Discipline of Service. As I listened to all of the testimonies about this man who just happened to have been a President, a truth surfaced. To truly serve others does not stem from the head but true service stems from the heart.

The dictionary defines service as – the action of helping or doing work for someone. I think, for the believer, this definition falls short by not including the heart. If your heart is not part of the action of serving others then your action becomes self-serving.

Jesus was the perfect model for serving others. From his teachings to washing the feet of the disciples to dying on a cross for our very salvation, it was service of the heart. If we are to follow his commands to serve one another then our heart must guide us. Jesus teaches us over and over in the scriptures the importance of serving one another. In fact, it’s not just a teaching, but a command.

What does Jesus command us to do? Just to name a few examples:

  • visit the sick
  • assist your friend who has lost a child/spouse/parent
  • visit those in prison
  • adopt a needy family for Christmas
  • teach Sunday School
  • feed the hungry, work in a food bank
  • tutor children in need
  • smile at strangers

As we worship Him on Sundays, study His word in our group Bible studies, reflect on His teachings in our small groups, and interact with our fellow man, we need to ask our Lord to guide our hearts in the service to others.  The kind of minute-to-minute service He showed us while He lived as fully Man on earth.  The kind of service to others He commands of us.

Jacque Chrisman

Trinity Anglican, Lago Vista, Texas

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