How do I find Joy?

How do you find joy?  What a loaded question!  What is joy anyway?? I think joy is the lasting pleasure of God. One of His characteristics that we get to partake in. It’s 1/3 of the Kingdom life experience, which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Want to know where I find my joy?

I find joy in the late-to-rise Saturday mornings, where my kids join us in our bed for morning snuggles with breakfast tacos and coffee/apple juice to follow. Or a day with nothing to do and a totally clean house. 

Here’s my reality.

I work two jobs, go to school full-time, and am a wife and mother. During the week, it’s difficult to enjoy the things I mentioned above, because, well, life.  Unfortunately, I can’t wake up late every day to a totally clean house with nothing to do.  Well, I can’t wake up late every day. Period….  Bummer.

So, how do I find joy in things other than our weekend lifestyle?  I take time for myself.  I give myself space away from my family to just be alone with my thoughts and Jesus.  How do I do this? Funny story. Early in the morning, before my house is awake and people are moving, I turn on a hot shower and play worship music with the lights off.  There is seriously something to be said about having some me time.  I went almost two years without allowing myself any time to be alone with my thoughts because it absolutely terrified me of what was going on between my ears, but one morning, I woke up before my husband and kids, and showered in the dark with worship music on.

SPOILER ALERT: pretty sure God woke me up so that I could begin to deal with myself and THANK GOD He did. It has been life changing.  I get the opportunity to start my day off by:

1. Taking a shower without any interruption (hello, all of you other momma’s out there, I see you!)

2. Spend some quality time praying and focusing on what God’s doing in me

3. Simply worship.

This is 100% my absolute favorite part of my day because it gets my day started the right way.  I have a great attitude going into my busy schedule and I feel more prepared to handle things with more grace, patience and joy (shocker!) than I do on mornings I’m rushed to get my kids and myself out the door. Plus, it reminds me to enjoy things in the mundane. 

My two-cents: Start your day with just you and Jesus and see how natural it becomes to find joy in the little things cause in the end, that lasting pleasure can only come when you face your reality head-on.

Lauren Beadle

Lauren attends HopePointe Anglican Church, where she coordinates Children’s Ministry and spends her time chasing her two children and enjoys mysteries. She writes on her own blog at

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