Finding Joy in God’s Word

We find joy in the Word of God

Jeremiah 15:16 says, ”Your Words were found and I ate them, and your Words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart; For I have been called by your name, O LORD God of hosts.”

In the verses preceding this, we read about Jeremiah’s anguish and dilemma, because God had asked him to tell the people of Judah that they would face untold horror and devastation for not repenting. He was terrified of the people’s reaction to this message and cried out against the curses that would be rained down on him. Yet, Jeremiah chose to believe and depend totally in the word of God as if he had imbibed them, because of God’s promise to him, that if he obeyed and delivered the message to the people, God would rescue him and deliver him from his enemies.  (Jeremiah 15: 20-21).

Sometimes when we feel God’s pull on our hearts to share His Word or invite someone to church, it often becomes the last thing we want to do for fear of reproach or rebuke, or even being labeled within our social community. Joy in God’s Word and his promises to us can help us overcome these fears.

Let us share the Word of God with those around us with hearts full of joy as we ourselves take delight in His promises to us. He will deliver us.


Dear Father, we ask that we find joy in your Word and that you continue to bless us as we prepare our hearts and minds for our upcoming women’s retreat and time of prayer, worship and fellowship, with our sisters in Christ. Father, fill us with your Word. Show us your ways so that we can boldly go and proclaim your Word to others.

We pray for keynote speaker: Misty Phillip and that you speak to us through her during the retreat. We pray that at the end of the retreat, we will give glory and honor to your name.


Thank you, Solape Delano, our prayer coordinator for providing prayers twice weekly for us to pray in this remaining month before the retreat. Join us this week as we continue to prayerfully prepare for JOY 2020. God has some amazing things in store for everyone. May we pray with boldness for hearts afire for Him.

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